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Man’s Best Friend

It was Dominoes night down at the ‘Weary Traveller’ – they run a league amongst the regulars. Burt our local postman is the reigning champion, claims he was taught by his Grandad during the War. Apparently they used to play during the blackout (for those of you too young to know, they had to keep all lights switched off so that the enemy bombers couldn’t see them). Now Burt’s Grandparents couldn’t afford the heavy blackout curtains so they used to sit there in the dark. To while away the time and stop the young Burt from being frightened, his Grandad taught him to play dominoes.

Aha I hear you cry – if it was dark how could they see to play the game? Well Burt’s Grandad worked in the local paint factory, and he got hold of some luminous paint, and painted all the spots with it! Simple – that’s the spirit that helped us win the war!

Anyway old Burt was winning as usual, so I wen to the bar to get a drink and bumped into my pal Harry. Harry and I had been to school and university together and were lifelong friends – we got up to may tricks back in the day…..but I will tell you more about them another time.

Now Harry loved to tell stories – usually funny, and while I was ordering him a beer he started telling me about a story he had read recently.

The story told how a travelling salesman had stopped at a farm one night that did B&B. As he walked up to the front door he saw a pig standing in the yard. Nothing unusual about that you might think, but this pig had 3 normal legs and a wooden leg….

The salesman was offered bed and board for the night and whilst having dinner with the family he asked about the strange pig. The farmer was eager to tell the tale: Apparently the family had been asleep one night when the barn next to the house had caught fire. The pig , which was in it’s sty in another field, had smelt the smoke and knew the family were in danger.

It managed to break out of its sty and run the mile or so the farmhouse. Then it kicked and kicked at the front door until it broke open. Running upstairs it pulled each of the two young children out of their beds and carried them to safety, and then ran back inside and rescued the farmer as his wife.

“Amazing,” said the salesman when the tale was ended, “Did the pig lose it’s leg in the fire?”
“No” replied the farmer “You don’t eat a pig that special in one go!!”

Harry burst out laughing ….but I wasn’t that amused – my wife is real animal lover and I knew she wouldn’t find the story amusing. A few other people in the bar who had listened intently to the story weren’t amused either. After all we are a nation of animal lovers aren’t we?

That reminded me of a friend of mine who had a pet cat that she absolutely adored – she had had it since it was a kitten and it went everywhere with her. I mean everywhere, she had a little basket on her bicycle that the cat used to sit whenever she went to the shops, and she even took it on holiday with her! One day the little cat was injured and had to be put to sleep by our local vet. My poor friend was devastated. She told me she felt totally bereft. She was due to go on holiday a few days later but was, understandably too distraught to contemplate going away without her beloved friend.

She cancelled her holiday and put in a claim on her travel insurance. The Insurance company, whilst being deeply sympathetic told her it cold not pay her claims because the policy only covered her for the sudden death, illness or injury of herself, a close relative or travelling companion.

She told them that her cat was her travelling companion, they always travelled together, but the Insurance Company pointed out that they only covered human travelling companions.

So much for being a nation of animal lovers…..

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