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Going on the piste….stay out of the bar!!

I was standing at the bar of the ‘Weary Traveller’ last Friday waiting for the local darts match to begin (a crunch match against our rivals from ‘The Adventurers Arms’); when my old pal George came in.

“A pint of your best please landlord”, he bellowed “and a Jägermeister”.

When his pint arrived he took a few mouthfuls and then dropped the shot glass into the beer; he saw me looking at him and said “A trick I picked up in Val d’Isere last winter” and proceeded to down the pint and shot in one go.

Now I am well aware that part of the pleasure of skiing is partaking in the Après Ski, but some people do not realise that altitude and alcohol do not make good bedfellows! The reduction on Oxygen means that the blood absorbs the alcohol much quicker.

Now this is can cause problems trying to negotiate icy footpaths at night, but the problems are far greater if you take a couple of glasses of wine to wash down your lunch and then venture back out for that final run of the day.

We all know that alcohol changes your perception of risk, and that Black Run with the sharp bend that you didn’t fancy this morning now looks easy! Unfortunately the bend is still there and off you come. Hopefully you’re not injured, and even more hopefully you didn’t injure anyone else, but if that’s not the case you could find yourself in a lot of trouble, both physically and financially.

If you’re found to have excess alcohol in your system, your travel insurance company could refuse to pay your claim for medical expenses. If you injured someone else, you could find yourself being arrested, and facing a hefty claim for the other person’s injuries.

Our blogger is clearly a sensible chap! Postcard travel insurance does outline alcohol limits in its policy in order to make sure its customers are clear on what and what is not covered.

Visit and see what else Postcard can offer.

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