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"Cover to write home about"

Postcard New Website

Not only have we given ourselves a new look, we have also gone back to the drawing board and re- thought our approach to travel insurance.

We have spent a lot of time researching customer feedback from many sources and there is one recurring theme – customers feel that travel insurance policies are a ‘necessary evil’, and that it doesn’t matter what the ‘big print’ says, the ‘small print’ always appears to enable the insurers to get out of paying a claim.

Whilst this is a little harsh, it is true that the press and price comparison sites have championed the cause of paying as little as possible for insurance policies, and in order to meet this challenge, premiums have fallen. However the insurer still has to balance the money received against the money paid in claims. This means that more and more ‘small print’ is added to the policy reducing the scope of the cover and making it more difficult to make a claim; there is an old saying ‘you get what you pay for’ and this as true about travel insurance as it is about any other consumer purchase

Postcard Travel Insurance has been created in order to ensure that customers are able to obtain cover which will meet their expectations and, in the event of a claim they will not have to overcome unnecessary hurdles.

Of course we cannot do this if we join the rest of the market by enticing customers with cheap premiums – we intend to be different and to stand out from the rest of the market, so we won’t be the cheapest out there, and you won’t find us on comparison websites.

However, we believe that we can provide that old fashioned customer service without having to charge the earth for it so, for less than the cost of a round of drinks on your holiday, Postcard Travel Insurance can provide you with ‘cover to write home about’.

So here is our Postcard Promise:

  • We will provide policies that meet your expectations
  • Our policies will be easy to understand
  • We will make our claims process as easy as possible – our claims teams are there to pay claims, not find ways to avoid them.
  • We will continually strive to provide outstanding customer service

Cover you can write home about, at a price you can afford, with service that will put a smile on your face — that’s the Postcard promise.



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