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Please see below a list of changes we have made to our policies, which may affect returning customers when buying future policies.

July 2021 Changes

From 8th July 2021 the main insurer of our travel insurance products has changed from Union Reiseversicherung AG (URV) to White Horse Insurance Ireland dac . Our cover and prices have not been affected by this change. More information can be found here.

March 2021 Changes

From 29th March 2021 we have re-launched our product range. We have gone from offering ‘Classic’ and ‘Premier’ levels of cover to the brand new ‘Rookie’, ‘Allstar’ and ‘Legend’. For more information on the cover we now provide under these policies, please visit our cover levels tab and our policy documents page.

September 2020 Changes

From 24th September 2020 our Staycation Plus Single and Multi Trip policies also include enhanced cover for COVID-19- click here for more details.

August 2020 Changes

From 13th August 2020 our Classic and Premier Single and Multi Trip policies provide:

  • Cancellation cover if you are anyone named on the policy test positive for Coronavirus up to 14 days prior to travelling.
  • Denied boarding cover if you and anyone named on the policy are prevented entry at the airport on your inbound flight due to showing symptoms of COVID-19 .
  • Plus much more – click here for more details.

March 2020 Changes

From 13th March 2020, there is no cover under our policies for:

    • Cancellation, abandonment or curtailment claims if the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advises you not to travel, for example where the FCO advise against all but essential travel to an area affected by Coronavirus, COVID-19, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-COV-2) or any mutation of Coronavirus, COVID-19 or SARs-COV-2.
    • Any claims as a result of Coronavirus, COVID-19, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-COV-2), any mutation of Coronavirus, COVID-19 or SARs-COV-2 or any pandemic or fear or threat of any the above. Except for Section B** Emergency Medical Expenses. This will only apply if you did not travel against the published advice of the FCO, any local government, local authority or WHO.

2019 Changes

  • No major policy wording or product changes made.

2018 Changes

  • We now ask you to tell us the cost of your most expensive trip per person as part of the quote process, so we can accurately calculate your insurance premium, and ensure you have the correct cancellation cover in place.

2017 Changes

  • No major policy wording or product changes made.

August 2016 Changes

Policy A – Pre-Travel Policy

  • Cancellation of pre-paid excursions booked in the UK – Following the addition of the clarification bullet point confirming that we will cover cancellation of pre-paid excursions booked in the UK in the last raft of changes in April 2016 we have moved to clarify that we mean any pre-paid excursions booked by you before you go on your trip. The previous wording caused some confusion so this has been done for clarification purposes.

Policy B – Travel Policy

  • If you need emergency medical attention – BE AWARE wording – Under the first bullet point after “anything mentioned in the conditions and exclusions (Page 12)” we have reworded the bracketed wording that follows. This is to clarify that the exclusion is specifically in relation to non-declared existing medical conditions.
  • If you need to come home early – BE AWARE wording – We have reworded the bold wording after BE AWARE. The previous wording contradicted itself in the “If you need to claim” section it advised to contact the claims department to see if the circumstances would be covered, whereas in the BE AWARE section it advised to make your own arrangements. We have removed the telephone number and reworded the BE AWARE section for clarity purposes.
  • Personal Accident – For clarity purposes we have included wording stating “whilst on your trip” in both the summary and the schedule.
  • Missed connection extension – When applicable, we have amended the wording in the “If you need to claim” column to advise that “You will need to provide any additional, relevant and appropriate information or documentation requested by the claims handlers”. Previously we stated that it was any additional information, which was ambiguous.


  • Use of British Forces Posted Overseas – This inclusion in relation to residency has been reflected throughout the document following queries. Policyholders who fall within this category have always been covered, although until now this has never been clarified in our wordings.
  • Criteria for purchase – We have included the clarification that, when purchasing a policy, the policyholder “must be travelling with the intention to return to the United Kingdom, Channel Islands or BFPO within the trip dates unless an extension has been agreed with us and we have confirmed in writing.”
  • Your Important Contact Numbers – We have added the emergency number of 112 whilst in the EU.
  • Disclosure of your medical conditions – When your two policies start and end – The previous explanation of how policy B worked contradicted our definition of a trip. We have now reworded to say “The cover under policy B starts when you commence your trip and ends when you complete your trip. Alternatively cover will cease upon expiration of your policy, whichever is the first.
  • How your policies work – Pregnancy – Confusion has arisen with customers with exactly when the cover no longer applies to include emergency medical expenses. Following that feedback we have moved to clarify that week 28 is “inclusive”.
  • How your policies work – Medical cover – The wording has been reworded as in previous versions it seemed to suggest that the policyholder needed to declare the existing medical condition to Travel Administration Facilities and then to go and see the doctor to see if it is safe to travel. Whereas it should have been the other way round, with the importance being on seeing the doctor in the first instance before contacting Travel Administration Facilities.
  • Definitions – The following definitions have been included or amended where relevant:
    – Beach Swimming – New
    – BFPO – British Forces Posted Overseas – New
    – Business Equipment – New.
    – Close Relative – Updated to include Foster-child, Daughter-in-law, Son-in-law, Brother-in-law, Sister-in-law, Step-child, Step-brother, Step-sister, Aunt and Uncle.
    – Cruise – The definition has been reworded for clarity purposes – Updated.
    – Domestic Flights – New.
    – Family – New.
    – Home Country – removed “country of nationality” as it caused confusion throughout the document – Updated.
    – Off Piste – New.
    – On Piste – Updated.
    – Open Water Swimming – New.
    – Public transport – Previously included “Internal flights” within this definition which was confusing. Have replaced with “Domestic Flights” – Updated.
  • Conditions and exclusions applying to your policies
    – Activity packs There is an exclusion in this section around participation in any sports and activities unless the appropriate additional premium has been paid. This was incorrect in the previous wording as it covered all activity packs, whereas activity pack 1 is included as standard. Amended the wording to highlight this only applies to activity packs 2-8.
  • Activity packs – Definition of non-leisure activities – To clarify the winter sports cover we have amended the bracketed wording in bold at in the top text box to say as follows “(with the exception of winter sports, whereby you can opt to have specific winter sporting activities included, which will be covered for the entire duration of your trip)”. To clarify what we mean by non-leisure activities we have revised the wording to “(examples of non-leisure purposes include professional / semi-professional / paid / sponsored racing, timed events…..” Removed “Non-incidental” as not clear for customers. Have inserted new wording as follows – “The activities are covered on the basis that your chosen activity is not the sole purpose of your trip”.
  • Activity packs – The following has been updated in some activity packs for clarity purposes:
    – Cycling – Activity Pack 1 – have included altitude limit of 1,000m
    – Speed Trials / Time Trials – Have added bracketed wording to state “(Amateur – organised, not public roads)” as previous version did not include this and as such contradicted the definition of non-leisure purposes.
  • Data Protection wording – We have included Data Protection wording on the final page of the documentation explaining what Travel Insurance Facilities does with the personal information obtained.

April 2016 Changes

Policy A – Pre-Travel Policy

  • Cancellation of pre-paid excursions booked in the UK – We have added in a clarification bullet point confirming that we will cover cancellation of pre-paid excursions booked in the UK.

Policy B – Travel Policy

  • If your travel plans are disrupted – cancellation of your trip – Previous wording advised that we will pay up to a certain value if after 24 hours delay at the airport of your outbound journey from your home country you abandon the trip. Our definition of home country includes outside of the UK which was not correct for the purposes of this point. As such we have “home country” with “UK”.
  • Age Limit within Accidental Death and Disability – Increased minimum age limit from 16 to 18. The reason for this change is to reflect that a child cannot leave education in one form or another until 18 ( In conjunction with the confirmation that someone of the age of 18 or above can enter a legal contract (
  • Inclusion of the need for a Police report – Included wording throughout the document advising that a written Police report will be required when submitting a claim for loss of possessions.
  • Clarification of missed port benefit on Cruise cover – Where Cruise cover is relevant and there is a missed port benefit we previously did not include a “per port” breakdown. This has now been included for clarification purposes.
  • Additional Accommodation – Added wording within the “If you need emergency medical treatment” section for additional accommodation confirming that “Where our Emergency Assistance Facilities colleagues are arranging the booking it will be 3* standard where available”.
  • Cancellation of pre-paid excursions booked in the UK – We have added in a clarification bullet point confirming that we will cover cancellation of pre-paid excursions booked in the UK.
  • Winter sports extension – Where Winter sports extension is relevant we have expanded on the hemisphere dates to include date ranges for both Northern and Southern hemisphere dates, as well as clarification on the height limitations.


  • Your contribution – Following a review we have changed all use of the word “contribution” to “excess”. We made this change as people will be more familiar with the word “excess” when looking into insurance, so will provide clarity and familiarity moving forward.
  • Travellers Health Check – Following re-branding within TIF this is now known as Travel Administration Facilities.
  • Telephone Numbers – All telephone numbers have been migrated from the old 01732 / 0845 numbers to the new locall 0203 numbers.
  • Registered Address / Contact Address – Travel Insurance Facilities address amended throughout to 1 Tower View, Kings Hill, West Malling, Kent, ME19 4UY.
  • Material Fact – All references to “Material Fact” amended to “Relevant Information” for clarity purposes.
  • Definitions – The following definitions have been included when relevant:
    – Cruise
    – Emergency Treatment
    – Offshore and Inshore
    – Travelling Companion
    – Business Samples
    – Connecting Flights
    – Off-Piste
    – Back Country
  • Definition of close relative revision – Previous definition advises that the policyholder must have been with a spouse or partner for a minimum of 6 months, however, later the definition advised fiancée is covered. Because a person can be engaged in less than 6 months this definition was contradictory. As a result the definition has been revised to remove the time limit but to advise the policyholder must be living with the spouse or partner.
  • Pre-existing medical condition – It has become apparent that on previous versions there was a contradiction in terms of how far back declaration of a pre-existing condition must go. Under the Disclosure of Your Medical Conditions section we asked for conditions to be declared from up to the past 2 years, however, in the Conditions and Exclusions section we did not specify a timeframe. We have now aligned both sections to the 2 year timeframe.
  • Declared and accepted pre-existing conditions – We have now amended wording to show in the “Cover is only provided if” section where relevant that pre-existing conditions can only be declared and accepted by us in writing when it refers to the policyholder. We cannot obtain this information when it relates to a non-travelling close relative, the person you are intending to stay with, a business associate or travelling companion. As a result we have split them into two separate bullet points.
  • Motorised vehicle license – We have amended the wording within the Conditions and Exclusions section. Previously we were advising that you must hold a valid UK license, however, this might not be applicable in your home country. As such we have amended the wording to reflect the need for appropriate qualifications.


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