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Keep Taking the Tablets!

The other afternoon in our village hall there was a ‘Tablets are good for you’ seminar that I thought I’d pop along too as it was raining and there was nothing on the telly.

I thought it was going to be another of those NHS talks where they keep telling those of us of a certain age that we need to have our flu jabs, and take all sorts of pills so that we stay well and don’t burden the NHS sooner than we have to! A completely different message to when we were young and told never to take tablets of any description, especially the purple ones …but that’s a different story!

So I wandered in and was surprised to see that the talk was being given by a young lady who was holding one of those i-pad things. Everyone in the room had one, except me…. I still think a phone should be just that, something to use to talk to friends, not take photos and stuff!

Anyway, it turns out these devices (I found out that they are called tablets) are actually quite clever. It seems that you can write to people via something called e-mail (our poor old postie is going to be out of a job), you can buy things without having to go to the shops and you can even watch films and television on them; they also have useful maps so you can find your away around without having to unfold those tricky maps – Amazing!

I was quite impressed and decided to hop on the bus and take a trip to town and see if I could buy one. I found the relevant store and I was surprised at the choice of make and model, and also the price…..these things are not cheap! After taking some advice from the store assistant I duly purchased one and returned home eager to try out my new toy.

When I got off the bus I decided to pop into ‘The Weary Traveller’ for a pint. The bar was fairly quiet, but there was family sitting in the corner of the snug and I noticed that they were all either tapping away on their phones or looking at their tablets, even the children.

I sat down not far from them and took my new tablet out of its box – I tried to remember what the salesman had told me but apart from turning it on I couldn’t really do much else. I was getting cross and about to go when one of the children came over – she was only about 8 or 9, and she looked at me quizzically.

‘Would you like some help?’ she asked. I was about to say that I didn’t think she could help me, when she sat next to me took control of the tablet and promptly started to teach me how to use it!

Now this got me thinking about how much these gadgets cost, and what the accumulative value would be for the family, four mobile phones, probably two tablets, those i-pod things that play music, and what my nephew used to call ‘gameboys’. How much could that all come to a £1,000 or more I’ll bet!

Then I remembered a story I had overheard in the Post Office. The person in front of me was on his mobile phone complaining to a friend that he had recently been on holiday with his family and his son had knocked his tablet off the balcony of their hotel – as they were 10 floors up it was unsurprising that the machine was pretty useless now. My fellow shopper was upset because he had contacted his travel insurance company to make a claim, only to find that there was no cover under his policy. “That’s ridiculous” he was saying “everyone has these things now I don’t understand why they are not covered as standard”

Now that I have joined the ‘IT crowd’ and seen how much these things cost, I guess he has a point. If I ever feel like venturing abroad I will certainly make sure I check my travel insurance carefully to ensure my new toy is covered – after all I wouldn’t want to miss an episode of Gardeners World would I?

Should our Blogger ever decide to travel he would be pleased to know that Postcard Travel Insurance provides cover for gadgets at no extra cost, and there are no excesses to pay either.

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